Online Paper Submission for 23rd ICID Congress<

‘Extended Abstracts’/ papers must be submitted online after registering on the following URL:

All authors are requested to create a new account on the above EasyChair URL for submission of their papers by using “sign up for an account” link in case they are not already registered on EasyChair portal earlier. Existing EasyChair users can use their account identities to submit their papers.

Submission Instructions

Step 1: Prepare ‘Extended Abstracts’ (500-600 words)

Step 2: Log in to the EasyChair account

Step 3: Select ‘Sign up for an Account’ in case you are not having an account.

To use EasyChair, one should first create an account. The procedure for obtaining an account is as below:

     1. You should type the words as shown on the screen and click on "Continue".

     2. Fill the form details with name and e-mail address and click on “Continue”.

     3. On submission you will receive an e-mail with a link to EasyChair account.

Step 4: Fill the details as required by Easychair and click and ‘create’ account.

Step 5: Account created, screen appears with a link to

Contact Coordinates: 23rd ICID Congress

Secretariat: Ing. Gustavo Hinojosa



Congress Coordinator:

Dr. Vijay K. Labhsetwar, Director, ICID Central Office, New Delhi



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